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What is a UAE golden visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a residency Visa for investors, entrepreneurs scientist, professionals, exceptional talents and frontline heroes. It means you don’t need someone from Dubai to support you, which is a big deal for those planning to live in this dynamic and cosmopolitan city. The Golden visa is typically granted for 10 years and can be renewed as long as the visa holder meets the specified conditions.

Need a Golden Visa so you can live and work in Dubai?

If you are looking to live and work in Dubai, then applying for a Golden Visa may be your best route to living the life as you want. Dubai’s Golden Visa will not only give you the chance to live and work in Dubai, but will also grant you access to top-notch healthcare, education, and social services.

Trivup  will help you navigate the process of applying for a Golden Visa in Dubai, quickly and effortlessly. Our 100% online service also means you save time and bypass the queue. That’s right! Your application will be processed remotely for maximum convenience so you can acquire a Golden Visa without even leaving your home.

Which Time Do you get UAE Golden Visa ?

It may take between 2-4 weeks to  Process the golden visa .The  Processing time depends upon  the number of applications in Process. So, you should keep 30 days in mind as the maximum processing Time.

How to Apply for a Golden Visa ?

Before applying for Dubai Golden visa, make sure you check your eligibility. Based on the information you provide.

To apply for the UAE's golden visa, you must:

Make a qualifying investment

Submit application & required documents

Undergo a medical
exam in UAE

Receive approval &
collect visa

Who  Can Apply for UAE Golden Visa ?

“>The UAE Golden visa has exclusive benefits that enable individuals to live, work, and study in the UAE. The business visa also comes under the Golden visa system for business owners. By obtaining the visa, you can enter Dubai for a period of six months on a multiple entry basis or a long-term renewable residence visa that is valid for 5 or 10 years. Further, an individual can sponsor their family members.

Can I take my spouse and children with a UAE Investor Visa?

Yes, if you have an Investor Visa for UAE, you are allowed to bring your family members with you, such as your spouse and children. Additionally, the visa can be extended to include one executive director and one advisor.

Can I have a business partner with a UAE Investor Visa?

Yes, multiple business partners can apply under a single UAE Investor Visa. However, that doesn’t mean that you can split the investment multiple ways each business partner must invest their own AED 10 million.

Is Dubai Goldeen Visa is Free?

The minimum investment cost for a UAE Golden Visa is AED 2 million (approximately USD 550,000). Does the UAE Golden Visa lead to citizenship? No, the UAE Golden Visa program offers long-term residency.

How Trivup Can Help

At Trivup, we believe that every business journey is unique, and we’re here to support you every step of the way:

Personalized Consultation

We take the time to understand your goals and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Document Assistance

We help you prepare all necessary paperwork, ensuring everything is in order.

Liaison Services

We handle all interactions with government authorities, making the process seamless for you.

Office Solutions

We assist you in finding the ideal office space that suits your business requirements.


The UAE Golden Visa represents an exceptional opportunity to become part of one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-thinking countries. At Trivup, we are committed to helping you navigate the application process and unlock the numerous benefits that come with this prestigious residency. Contact us today to start your journey towards a brighter future in the UAE.

Benefits Of Golden Visa

Long-term residency

The Golden visa allows individuals to reside in the UAE for an extended period, typically for 5 or 10 years.

Tax benefits

The UAE is known for its favourable tax environment. There is no personal income tax or capital gains tax in the UAE. Golden visa holders can benefit from these advantages, potentially resulting in significant financial savings.

Access to services

Golden visa holders and their families can access various government services, including healthcare, education, and utilities, on par with UAE citizens.

Education opportunities

Golden visa holders can enrol their children in UAE schools and universities, offering access to high-quality education institutions.

Among the top 30 countries in the world for ease of doing business.

Requirements for UAE Golden Visa

There are some general requirements for UAE Golden Visa which includes:


It is one of the specific requirement needed for the Visa ,for example if you are applying as an investor you’ll you will need to need some investment criteria’s such as investing in a real estate or establishing a new business or making a significant financial contribution to UAE.


As an entrepreneurs you’ll need to demonstrate your business experience, presenting a viable business plane and meet certain financial Requirements.

Outstanding students

For student you’ll need to excel academically and have a proven Track record of an accomplishment or awards.

Highly Skilled professionals

If you are a highly skilled professional you’ll need to have exceptional Qualifications achievements and expertise in your field along with evidence of your contribution to UAE .

Good Conducts

All applicants must have a clean criminal record & demonstrate good conduct.


It is important to note that these are general requirements and each category may have specific criteria in documentation needed. Remember the specific requirements and benefits may vary depending on the category you qualified for. It’s always best to refer to the official resources or consult  with the relevant authorities for the most accurate in up-to-date information.

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“From start to finish, evisa made my visa application a breeze.

Their expertise and friendly guidance turned a complex process

into a walk in the park. Grateful for their seamless service!”

Hitesh Patel

Google Review

“From start to finish, evisa made my visa application a breeze.

Their expertise and friendly guidance turned a complex process

into a walk in the park. Grateful for their seamless service!”

Hitesh Patel

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